A long-delayed review . . .

Another Java Data Structures Textbook

William Collins: Data Structures and the Java Collections Framework (3rd edition), Wiley, 2011, ISBN 978-0-470-48267-4, 736 pages.

by Conrad Weisert, 2012-2017


Six years ago I was called upon at the last minute to teach a Data Structures and Algirithms course. The textbook had already been chosen and there was insufficient time to consider alternatives. Although I wouldn't choose Java as a vehicle for presenting algorithms and I would have chosen a different textbook even for a Java-based course, we managed to make do, and the students came away with a mastery of the essential concepts.

I was reluctant to post these mostly negative comments while students were still taking a course requiring that textbook. Now, however, those students are long gone and the book is still available, so here's (links below) the list of issues we noted. I hope it will help other teachers, students, and programmers.

The details

As the course proceded we encountered a number of issues in the textbook, which I documented for the students:

Additions, corrections, and other points of view are welcomed.

1—Warning: If you print that list be prepared for 10 pages!

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