Valuable Advice for a Project Manager

Mike Walsh: Productivity Sand Traps and Tar Pits—How to Detect and Avoid Them
1991, Dorset House, ISBN 978-0-932633-21-7, 189 pages
reviewed by Conrad Weisert, March 2013

This informative and entertaining book is easy to read on a bus or commuter train. Mike Walsh relates anecdotes and describes people he encountered at CBS and elsewhere who will be familiar to anyone who has worked in a large organization. He gives solid advice on how to deal with peers, subordinates, or superiors who are overambitious, greedy, treacherous, dishonest, disgruntled, or just stupid.

I wish he hadn't used the degrading term techie to describe computing professionals, but I got past that as Mr. Walsh made clear that he actually respects competent I.T. people.

Younger readers just entering the profession will find Mike Walsh's insights valuable preparation for the real world.

Very highly recommended

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Last modified April 3, 2013