A Must for the Systems Analyst

Read this book twice!

David Hay: Requirements Analysis: from business views to architecture 2003, Pearson Education, ISBN 0-13-028228-6, 450 pages
reviewed by Conrad Weisert, January, 2006

This is a great book, but it's not easy reading. I confess I had to read it through twice before I felt really comfortable with the content. I recommend that you do the same.

David Hay takes a non-judgmental view of competing systems analysis methodologies, giving equal time to more alternatives than you'd need for an introductory course. However, every system analyst should know about all of them, even if they're not going to be part of his or her repertoire. The author builds on the structure of the Zachman framework a matrix of entities and points of view. You may or may not feel comfortable with that structure, but even if you find it overcomplicated, you'll find a lot of wisdom in these pages.

The comprehensive and uncritical bibliography would have been more useful if it were more selective. For example, it lists Susan & James Robertsons confused Mastering the Requirements Process but omits their superior earlier work, Complete Systems Analysis.

Highly recommended

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