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Conrad Weisert is President of Information Disciplines. For more than twenty years he has been a leader and innovator in exploiting systematic approaches to information systems activities based on thorough planning, modern technical and procedural methods, professionalism, tight control, and rigorous accountability for results.

Before establishing Information Disciplines he held responsibilities in large organizations for data-center operations, application system development, professional staff training, standards and methodology, and technical services. Later, as consultant to banks, insurance companies, manufacturers, local government agencies, and computer service firms, he has repeatedly demonstrated the effectiveness of modern enlightened methods in producing high-quality results.

His specialties include:

  1. Organization structure and control of information systems and technology functions in a multiple-user enterprise, based on rigorously defined charters for internal service organizations, concrete role definitions for key individuals, and clearly understood relationships between central staff functions and decentralized groups.

  2. Planning and control of large system development projects based on integrating the concepts and techniques of rigorous project planning and control, a highly flexible and results-oriented life-cycle methodology, application prototyping, and structured systems analysis.

  3. Standards and methodology for high productivity, quality, and manageability of software development. Conrad Weisert is considered an expert on the practical application of structured, modular design methods and object-oriented disciplines. He has helped organizations of all sizes establish an economical infrastructure for continuous process improvement.

  4. Practical applications of expert systems, knowledge-bases, and artificial intelligence programming languages, emphasizing integration of those concepts and tools into the mainstream of information systems.

Conrad Weisert has been a leader in professional organizations. In the SHARE user group he held committee assignments and executive positions from which he influenced the direction of operating systems, programming languages, and user-vendor relations. As a member of the Association Computing Machinery he has served as a National Lecturer and as Chairman of the Chicago Chapter. He has conducted academic courses at several institutions, most recently in software engineering for electrical engineers at Illinois Institute of Technology and for Computer Science majors at Loyola University.

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