End of a prosperous era . . .

What ever happened to U.S. meetings and conferences?

by Conrad Weisert, January 17, 2018
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The January issue of ACM Communications contains full-page announcements for these upcoming conferences:

2MobileHCI 2018Barcelona, Spain
3Laureate ForumHeidelberg, Germany
85DEBS 2018Hamilton, New Zealand
121Celebrating 50 years of software engineeringGothenburg, Sweden

Only after we set the magazine down do we notice the back cover announcement of a "Blockchain" conference at (in tiny barely readable type) Seattle.

It used to be different. U.S.-based corporations and universities were eager to host international events, and professionals around the world were eager to visit the United States. Foreign attendees with their families would dutifully attend the conference before setting out to visit American cultural destinations. Some were interested mainly in Disneyland and Las Vegas, and and some would take advantage of duty-free shopping and low American prices. But many enjoyed our nation's spectacular scenery and world-cless cultural attractions.

Today, on the other hand, many feel that it's not worth either the bother (increasingly tight visa restrictions and entry formalities) or the risk (soaring violent crime). Too bad! We Americans miss the opportunities to show visitors the positive aspects of our once-great nation.

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