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"Geek" is now a verb!

Conrad Weisert
© Information Disciplines, Inc., Chicago—13 October 2009

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Readers of these web pages know that I've been comdemning the growing use of demeaning terms, such as geek, techie, and nerd, to designate technicians or computing professionals. At least those offensive terms were bona fide nouns that made grammatical sense.

This morning I received an E-mail inviting me to "geek out" by enrolling in a webcast (at least they didn't call it a webinar) to learn about migration to Google Apps®. I assume the term was meant to describe learning information at a detailed and saturation level that would be of interest mainly to geeks.

Ich bin ausgegiekt!

Dictionaries provide no guidance on how to render this coinage in other languages. How about ghiquer for French? (je ghique, tu ghiques, il ghique, nous ghiquons, vous ghiquez, ils ghiquent)

It just rolls off the tongue.

The topic interests me. I now have to decide whether to overcome my offense at the term and enroll. Will they consider me a geek if I do?

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Last modified 13 October 2009