Information for Brokers, Recruiters, and Prime Contractors

Information Disciplines sometimes acts as a subcontractor to prime contractors or brokers for our consulting, education, or software development services.

If you're a broker, recruiter, software development firm, or consulting company interested in engaging Conrad Weisert or affiliated IDI consultants, you'll find the information you need here. Then after you've read this information and determined that a likely match exists, we'll be glad to hear from you by phone or E-mail.

Résumé and related information:

You can see and print Conrad Weisert's conventional résumé and related information, in addition to his promotional list of consulting specialties.

The résumé is for your internal use. Please don't distribute it to your clients or prospects without explicit authorization from IDI. We would both be embarrassed if a prospect got duplicate résumés from multiple sources.

If your web browser can't read Adobe (.pdf) files, we'll be glad to send you a printed copy by regular mail or FAX. We don't distribute résumés in Microsoft Word or pure text formats.

Contracts and agreements

We are accustomed to subcontracting, and comply with the usual terms of such arrangements. Specifically:

  • The broker or prime contractor is responsible for initial client contact and routine marketing. When appropriate we will participate in joint marketing calls on qualified prospects.
  • We won't solicit business from any organization to which the broker or prime contractor has introduced us for a period of one year after our last work or joint contact with that organization.
  • If the prime contractor prefers, we will present ourselves as representatives of that firm, using the prime contractor's business cards. However, when asked by a client or a prospect, we do not conceal our independent subcontractor relationship.
  • We will sign reasonable non-disclosure agreements, copyright protections, and reciprocal ownership rights.
  • IDI will bill the prime contractor at a 20% discount from its usual rates. We don't restrict what the prime contractor charges the client.

Getting acquainted

A low-cost, low-risk way of assessing mutual compatibility and capability is by having Conrad Weisert conduct one of IDI's short courses (1 or 2 half-day sessions) or presentations (45-90 minutes) for your staff and your client's key people. A short course yields a benefit to the organization whether or not they choose to pursue a longer-term relationship.

Full time and permanent assignment

Recruiters sometimes ask about our availability for a permanent role in another organization, either through absorbing Information Disciplines or by hiring Conrad Weisert. While we're not actively seeking either employment or merger, we don't rule out any truly outstanding opportunity. Such a role would be characterized by:

  • A very strong likelihood of long-term stability.
  • The opportunity to exercise technical and/or managerial leadership in a professional organization. In particular, participation in establishing internal methodology and standard practices, with a large multiplier on their scope.
  • An urban or college-town location in North America or Europe.
  • Satisfying commitments to current IDI clients in a responsible manner.

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Last modified April 28, 2000