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IDI considers C++ and other object-oriented languages unsuitable for teaching programming to beginners. We're glad either to help you to find a suitable introductory-level course or to prepare a custom course for a group of beginners using BASIC, C, or another programming language.

Just C

Course PR12Cx -- Modern C programming (4 half-day sessions)

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For a detailed explanation see Conrad Weisert's paper Learning to Program -- It Starts with Procedural

Comprehensive C++/OOP course

Course PR12C Making the Switch to C and C++ -- an accelerated course for experienced programmers. (7 half-day sessions) Considered by many to be the most sensible and practical available course of its kind.

C++ for world-class C programmers

Course PR12CPP is similar to the above except that we skip the introductory material on C and take an even more accelerated pace. (5 half-day sessions)

An important new course 2001-2002

Object-oriented Computing in C++. (2 half-day sessions) This highly successful course fills the huge major gap left by most courses in object-oriented programming. Although it was first developed for experienced programmers working on numerical engineering/scientific applications, many business applications programmers have also found it extremely helpful.

Short seminars

These single- and double-session courses bridge the gap between a comprehensive C++ programming course, such as those at left, and a working command of important programming situations.

Each of them occupies a unique and important niche in the C++ programmer's repertoire, serving as a foundation for many kinds of application programming as well as for Windows or other GUI platform software development. They're advanced not in the sense of highly sophisticated or difficult, but simply as topics not covered by most C++ courses and textbooks. Most of them are independent of each other, and can be taken in any sequence by programmers who have general competence in C++.

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