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IDI Courses for Information Systems Professionals
Systems Analysis Series

Also see our comprehensive course Techniques of Systems Analysis and Specification

Information Disciplines' integrated sequence of courses in systems analysis covers the techniques and methods used in the first half of the system development life cycle, leading to delivery of a detailed requirements specification (alternatively called a functional specification, a business system design or an external system design.

Any of these short (one to three half-day sessions) courses can be taken separately. A new systems analyst, however, is advised to follow the whole sequence over a period of several weeks.
Course Number Title No. of half-day
SA-01 Information Gathering techniques 1 -
PR-02 Data Representation 2 -
SA-02 Defining Data and Using a Data Dictionary 3 PR-02
SA-04 Logic Specification 2 -
SA-07 Specifying System Inputs and Outputs 2 SA-02
SA-05 System Modelling 2 SA-04
SA-03 Data Modelling 2 SA-11*
SA-06 Packaging and presenting a Requirements Specification 1 SA-05
SA-11 Object-oriented specification 2 PR-02

* recommended, but not required

Call Conrad Weisert (1-773) 736-9661 for details.

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