IDI's Java Curriculum

The switch is on to Java in many organizations. The appeal of a well-supported platform-independent tool that supports both object-oriented program structure and today's distributed system architectures is undeniable.

But despite all the success stories, Java is still far from a perfect tool for every programming situation. We present not only Java's impressive strengths but also its regrettable shortcomings, and emphasize how to exploit the former and circumvent the latter.
Course Number Course Title Prerequisites No of half-day sessions
OOP and Java as a general-purpose programming language
JAV-01 Quick Java Overview for Experienced C++ Programmers Experience in OOP using C++ 1
JAV-02 The object-oriented programming paradigm for experienced programmers, using Java Experience in structured, modular programming 7
JAV-03 The Java Language in Depth for experienced C++/OOP programmers. Experience in object-oriented programming using C++
(JAV-01 recommended)
4 or 5
NEW in 2000: Java Courses Just for COBOL Programmers
JAV-08 Java without Objects -- a gentle introduction fluency in COBOL programming 4
JAV-09 Java and OOP for business applications JAV-08 6
Specialized topics in Java
JAV-10 Developing and Exploiting Interface Classes JAV-02, JAV-03, or JAV-09 2
JAV-11 Designing and implementing graphical user interfaces in Java JAV-02, JAV-03, or JAV-09 3
JAV-12 Building Web applets in Java JAV-11 2
JAV-13 Multi-threaded flow in Java JAV-02, JAV-03, or JAV-09 3
JAV-15 String Handling in Java JAV-02, JAV-03, or JAV-09 2
JAV-16 Exception Handling in Java JAV-02, JAV-03, or JAV-09 3

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