IDI Course MG-08
Establishing and Administering an Effective
Central Reusable Component Library

Before an organization can exploit the huge benefits of component re-use, it must establish an infrastructure that includes:

In addition an organization will usually prime the library with 2 dozen or so of the most generally useful components.

Although each of these infrastructure aspects is simple enough, a smoothly-functioning combination requires careful planning and avoidance of certain common pitfalls. Dozens of choices must be made and issues faced, such as:

This single-session seminar examines those and other issues from a management perspective, and prepares the participant for implementing reuse in his or her organization.


1 half-day session.

Designed for


A general understanding of highly modular program structure and/or object-oriented design, or an appreciation of the value of component reuse.

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Last modified September 13, 2000