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IDI's PL/I Curriculum

"If I had to choose a programming language for a single large super-critical project, I'd still choose PL/I"

Conrad Weisert, September, 1998.

At the turn of the century PL/I is much more than a legacy language for maintaining old systems. With the recent language enhancements, it's an excellent choice for developing modern applications on most platforms, including Windows.

Conrad Weisert, an early contributor to the design of PL/I, shares his unique insights into the power and elegance of this tool.

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  • The Opportunity of PL/I
  • Error and Exception Handling
  • Table-driven Programming in Everyday Applications
  • Text and String Manipulation for User-Friendly Programs
  • Exploiting Simple Macros to Simplify Programs
  • Advanced Macro (Preprocessor) Programming
  • Advanced Report Printing Techniques