Does every organization have at least one?

Fountains of Ignorance

©Conrad Weisert
July 1, 2012

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In 1967 I briefly had a boss, not good for much else, who got our attention by describing an obnoxious critic of our department as "a fountain of ignorance".   I hadn't heard that expression before, so I credited him with coining it.1

Whether it was original at the time or not it's an apt way of characterizing someone in an organization who:

Internet forums and open blogs are providing more forums for the FOIs to express themselves, not only on the expected political and moral issues, but also on important I.T. topics, such as methodologies and programming languages.

My response is to ignore their rantings on matters of opinion or judgment. Sometimes, however, I post a correction or clarification to their factual errors, in order to avoid spreading misinformation among less discerning readers.

Any better ideas?

1—Today you'll find dozens of references to Internet items using that term. It's unclear when it was originated or by whom.
2—I suppose I should say "his or her", but so far the ones I've encountered have all been male.

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