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The Collapse And Rebirth Of I.T. Infrastructure

Presented by Conrad Weisert,  Information Disciplines, Inc.

      Wednesday, January 17, 2001

      5:30 p.m.  Social Hour, Buffet & Refreshments 
      6:30 p.m.  Presentation 

      DePaul University Downtown Center, in the Chicago Loop
      Computer Science and Telecommunication Center
      243 S. Wabash Ave (Northeast corner of Wabash & Jackson)
      Room 436A
      Turn left when exiting the elevator and walk to the end of the hall.


RESERVATIONS:   Please send an e-mail to Greg Neumarke: greg@neumarke.net or call him at 773/907-3308
Cost: Chapter members: $10, Non-members: $12, Students: $5


The 1990's saw a widespread abandonment, even deliberate rejection, of once-common software development disciplines and support, including: 
    -  detailed project planning and control
    -  phased life cycle
    -  rigorous user-requirements definition
    -  central data administration
    -  programming standards
    -  quality assurance
    -  staff training and professional development
    -  methodology documentation and dissemination
Not surprisingly, the 1990's also saw a sharp growth in the number and the magnitude of serious project fiascos.  The causes lay both in new-generation management styles and in new "breakthrough" technologies. Reactions from experts ranged from "it's hopeless" to "it's not our problem" to "we have to do something" to "it's actually a good thing in today's fast-paced Internet world"!

Recent hopeful signs, however, suggest that the pendulum is swinging back as organizations again perceive that a sound infrastructure is essential to successful software development.  Conrad Weisert will:
    - identify the causes for the collapse, 
    - examine the consequences and the reactions, 
    - assess the state of I.T. infrastructure in today's most (and least) enlightened organizations, and - discuss how  individual professionals will be affected in the next few years.


Conrad Weisert's consulting practice, Information Disciplines, Inc. (www.idinews.com), specializes in software development methodologies and large-scale project management.  Conrad is known as a vigorous advocate of a systematic and manageable approach to software development projects. 

He earned his MS in Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence concentration) from DePaul University, and his BA in Mathematics from George Washington University.  He currently teaches advanced computer programming for electrical engineers at Illinois Institute of Technology.  

He joined our Chicago Chapter in 1967, and served twice as Chairman, 1973-1974 and 1995-1996.  

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