Spreadsheet Services

Business organizations are relying more and more on computerized spreadsheets for reporting, for planning, and for decision support. When a spreadsheet model is small and straightforward, it can be developed by user personnel who are skilled in the basic facilities of a spreadsheet processor-- often the same people who will actually use the model in their day-to-day work.

When a spreadsheet model is large and intricate, however, it can be unwieldy to maintain, unreliable to operate, and risky to rely on. The distinction can be unclear at the start. As users add new features and refinements, a model that begins small and simple may incrementally grow to be large and intricate. Furthermore, today's spreadsheet software products, inexpensive as they are, provide a bewildering range of powerful and sophisticated facilities that offer both major benefits and dangerous pitfalls.

Avoiding the pitfalls usually requires the services of information systems professionals who (1) are highly experienced in designing maintainable software and in packaging computerized systems for reliable everyday use and (2) have a thorough knowledge of the capabilities of today's spreadsheet software products.

Information Disciplines now offers a range of services in support of computerized spreadsheet models, including:

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Last modified April 6, 2004