The puzzles are back!

A popular feature in our IDI Newsletter (1992-1996) was the Programmer's Crossword, a challenge demanding knowledge of computer technology of the present and past as well as general knowledge. We're reprinting the best of those puzzles and we're adding new ones regularly.

Solutions are available on request. Send us an E-mail, FAX, or postcard (addresses on the IDI home page). Identify which puzzle (by number), and whether you want the answer by E-mail attachment (Adobe .pdf file) or on a postcard.

Keywords in the clues
(to help you remember whether you've already done it)
#3 Booch-Rumbaugh, Java GUI, Altavista, Ken & Bobby, Bourne or Korn - NEW in December, 1999
#2 NT configuration, Algol-58, Quattro, Rockefeller's successor - from Spring, 1994, IDI Newsletter
#1 COBOL, REXX, Mahler's wife, Watergate, Windows 3.0, VTAM - from Summer, 1994, IDI Newsletter

NOTE: These puzzles are not interactive. Print one on plain paper and work it with pencil or ball-point, just like the ones in a newspaper.

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Conversation between a normal person and a crossword-puzzle fanatic

NP: I heard that Julius Caesar got stabbed while doing a crossword puzzle.
CPF: That's right. His last words were "ETUI, Brute".
NP: What a shame.
CPF: Not really. He ADIT coming.
NP: Why? Had he said something to offend someone?
CPF: Yes: "Up EWERS!"
NP: Ewers?
NP: Well, no wonder. Who struck the fatal blow?
CPF: They think it was OGEE Simpson.
NP: No kidding. Where did he get the weapon?
CPF: Probably at a hardware STOA.

Last Updated September 30, 2000